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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need an ATM? Your customers expect it (they usually go someplace that has one), your competition has it and you can increase and/or retain business with it!

How much will it cost me? Not as much as it did 5 years ago. You have leasing options also to minimize the out - of - pocket expenses. If you desire the Free ATM program and qualify, then it costs even less. The programs all equal "Risk vs. Reward". Please review our product/pricing information herein.

How long have you been in business? We started in 1996 and are one of only a handful of companies that have been in business this long dedicated to the off - premise ATM business. 
We built our business on providing our clients the service they expect!

How can you take care of my needs on my ATM? Use our 24 hour toll free 800 service hotline. We contract with over 100 ATM service companies and over 30 in your area so when you contact us we call one of them until we find someone to take care of your questions. They know how to work on your model. This ensures that we provide you with "LOCAL" service.

What happens to my money as I stock the ATM with cash? This is similar to a vending machine. Your cash is inventory, your Surcharge is fee. You get your cash and 100% of your fee deposited daily into your bank account.

What happens after my one (1) year WARRANTY expires? More than 98% of your service calls will be fixed over the phone? Parts are not that expensive and can be there in less than 2 days, most all by the next day or even that day. Based on our experiences over the last 5 years, we expect you to pay about $100.00 - $ 300.00 per year at the most! There is no need to pay for something you will not use!

How many service calls will you need after the 1st year? Usually, we go out to service these models about once a year for parts or repair. You will not be left without someone to service the ATM or supply parts. Also, why pay for something you won't use? Keep the money in your pocket!

How do I pay? TERMS OF SALE for Cash or Lease Options:

(A) Cash, Check, Cashiers check or other accepted currency in the amount of up to 50% of total price. The balance due must be paid by Certified Funds upon delivery, installation and training.

(B) LEASE RATES start at $ 49.00/mo. (NEW ONLY) for step up, 10% buyout, 5 year terms with excellent credit. We have many lease programs that can be customized to fit your needs. Most lease companies will finance ATM equipment for 3 -4 years due to the low pricing.

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