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The following is an overview of our "FREE PLACEMENT" program. We have been providing this type of "FREE" placement business for over five (5) years and would love to speak with you regarding "qualified" site.

Full Service and Co-Placement Offers. The following two (2) services are available.

          Full Service is where we qualify the site(s), then buy the ATM(s), install and program the ATM(s), stock the ATM(s) with cash and use an armored car service provider to replenish the cash. Plus, we pay you a site rental for this. The site rental is not as much due to the costs associated with Full Service, however, we eliminate any risk on your part of handling money and ATM service. We also are fully insured against all perils.
Co-Placement is where we qualify the site and provide all of the above except that YOU provide the cash. Your site rental fee is more under this arrangement.


We will provide NEON signs, indoor/outdoor advertising and other ATM incentives to draw traffic to the ATM as per city/local ordinances.

You will provide about 2 square feet of space to sub-lease to us. We are sub-leasing space and will be entering into a real estate contract. If you desire to purchase the ATM in the future, then the ATM and the ATM agreement must also be addressed.

We require a "REFUNDABLE" deposit and when the ATM reaches the indicated dollar amount anytime during the 1st three months, then you get that back immediately.

You need to provide a dedicated 110 volt electrical circuit and telephone connection for the ATM inside your location(s). The telephone jack is a standard residential RJ11 type dialing out for local calls.

Surcharge & Site Rental:

Full Service: On a valid Surcharge of $1.50 ~ $2.00 per debit transaction., site rental will start at $0.25 ~ $0.50 and go up depending on certain factors. 

Co- Placement: On same valid surcharge as above we start at $0.50 ~ $0.75 and go up.  Payment for both plans will occur on or before the 25th of each month for the prior month's business.

Minimum to Meet:

Full Service: If your location(s) average over 500 ~ 750 verifiable cash register transactions per day or

Co-Placement: Over 200 ~ 400 per day, you may qualify:

Lead Time:

After the fully executed contracts have been signed, the ATM(s) will arrive usually within 3-5 business days after the electric and telephone installation.

ATM Maintenance & Parts:

We maintain the equipment.


ATM Online is a company that can perform in a big way when given the opportunity. We want to create a "family" and/or "partnership" type environment for our ATM clients in order to provide superior service. Because of this our company will only manage and place a certain number of ATMs that meet our qualifications.

NEXT Step?

Please fill out the form and/or contact us for immediate consideration.

 800-499-1068 ext. 101



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